Sweet Summertime


New contemporary fiction novel from bestselling author Laurie LeClair.

Friendships forgotten…

Loves lost…

Summers on an island off the coast of Maine…

Six friends are called by the matriarch of their group to come back home to an island off the coast of Maine to celebrate her landmark birthday with her. Each summer they’d gather on the island beginning in childhood. Through the years, they changed and grew, came of age together, and then left to go their separate ways.

After years of being away from each other, they reunite at their friend’s home. Each one brings a dark secret as well as happy memories spent together all those summers ago. As they laugh, love, and relive their past, they feel what’s missing in their lives now – a friend to lean on in good times and in bad. They wonder if they can ever be as good with anyone else in their future as they were with each other then.

Can they recapture what they once had? Is it possible to go back again to that simple time and place where your friends meant everything to you and you meant everything to them? Or is it lost forever?

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