The Story Behind the Story


(a.k.a. How I Got My Funny Back)


Ten years ago, after writing historical romance and contemporary romance, I began writing a romantic comedy. As always, the first few pages came easy and I was happy with the progress I was making. But, then, tragedy struck. When a close friend didn’t show up for lunch one day, my husband and I went to check on her and found that she had passed away. She was only 49. Her unexpected death at such a young age devastated me.

It took months to move through the slog of my life. How could I laugh? I could barely make it a few minutes without tears welling up in my eyes. I kept going. My writing suffered. I wrote dark things. Serial killer things. In the back of my mind, I knew I was working out the unfairness of life and how bad things happen to good people.

Four years passed and eventually memories of the last time I saw her, last time we spoke, and the day we found her no longer paralyzed me with grief. I could breathe again.

I went back to the romantic comedy that had sat, unwritten, for so long. I poured my heart and laughter into it. I had to write it for me, for the character, and especially for my friend who believed in me and my writing. I couldn’t let any of us down. My character needed to laugh and so did I.

I am so proud that writing If The Shoe Fits, Book 1 in the Once Upon A Romance Series, pushed me to reach up and beyond for better things. I’m glad I pushed; I got my funny back. 

And I’ve kept it. I went on to write three more in the series and have plans for at least two more out this year. I’m finding I like to write about love and laughter and happily ever after.

My sense of humor through this process has become like an old friend to me. How ironic to lose one, yet gain another. Such is life. Life is sweet. Life is funny. Hold onto the sweetness and the laughter; they will serve you well in the hard times.

By the way, laughing at myself has been the best medicine of all. Don’t take yourself too seriously or someone will show you otherwise.


Happy Reading,

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“I like to write about love and laughter and happily ever after.”