Pictures from the Passenger Seat - May

Hubby and I went to DisneyWorld a few weeks ago for a family reunion, so these pictures are technically not from the passenger seat. However, I wanted to share some of them with you since we love this place so much.

Let’s just say the weather was gorgeous if you like sunny, hot, and humid. Me, not so much the humid part. I burn in a flat New York minute, which happened the very first day. (I remembered sunscreen after the burn.) Other than that, we had a great time and the flowers were in bloom everywhere we went.

Disney photos

The annual flower show was in full swing!


Entangled Tower

The Tangled Tower and waterfall is one of the newer features. So pretty!


Disney flowers

Downtown Disney. Beautiful flowers!


Disney photos

Hubby booked lunch reservations for us at Cinderella’s castle. Love the atmosphere and the food is delicious. We had the yummy chocolate clock for dessert! Ah…the perfect ending to a great meal.


Travel tip: Pack light. Travel light. If possible, only bring one suitcase per person. A tote bag is a given to bring, too. We don’t like to check bags. It’s time consuming and, if you have to catch a connecting flight, sometimes the checked on bags don’t make it to your destination.

For packing, I place my jeans/pants half in and half out of the bottom of my suitcase, and then I roll my shirts/blouses up or skirts/dresses (sometimes with undergarments in them – so a day’s outfit is all in one roll) and line them up on top of the jeans/pants. Recently, I was able to get seven “rolls” in the suitcase that way! (A small travel bag with the essentials fit neatly on top.) I tuck in socks in the four corners, undergarments in the side pockets, and sandals/flats or shoes in plastic store bags tucked along the front or back edge. Next, I fold over the ends of the jeans/pants and that part is good to go. Nightwear, workout outfits, or swimwear can be placed in the mesh section of the inside suitcase flap.

Oh, another tip within a tip, make sure every piece you bring color coordinates so you can mix and match outfits. Make traveling easy on yourself and leave the stress of packing and what to wear when you’re on your trip behind you.

Safe travels!

I’ll be back next month with some real pictures from the passenger seat. See you then…