Pictures From the Passenger Seat - January

Hubby and I love to travel. Along the way, we (well, mostly I since he’s usually driving) take pictures from the passenger seat. The pics are sometimes funny, sometimes touching, sometimes crooked (okay, so I’m not such a great photographer), but it’s always something that we feel captures our spontaneous delight at the sight – a brief moment in time to revisit and relive once we get back home. They’re little snippets of life and our memories from across this beautiful country we’d love to share with you.

Here’s a recent stop on the way to Dallas, Texas. Only the shell of the diner is left for sale. Any takers? Hmm…what would you serve there? Talaxian omelettes? Jimbalian fudge cake? Klingon bloodwine? (Hubby’s the Star Trek fan.)


Admiral, there be starships in Texas!


This guy is hanging out at The Domain shopping center in Austin, Texas.

Yep, everything’s bigger in Texas! (Fun fact: The armadillo is the Texas state animal.)


I’ve seen couch potatoes before. Heck, I’ve even been one. But these guys are the biggest couch potatoes in Austin. (The furniture store they’re hanging out in front of is called Austin’s Couch Potatoes Furniture. Great name!)

Everything is really bigger in Texas! Even the couch potatoes!


Travel tip: Carry those plastic bags with slide closures – big, medium, and small. You never know when you need a substitute trash bag, a vomit bag (yep, that was me you saw in the middle of Dallas in four lanes of busy traffic last summer doing that very thing), using it as a glove to pick up some undesirable “item” if you have a pet traveling with you, or collecting shells and rocks on the beach. Hubby used to laugh at my “addiction” to bringing these babies along, but not anymore. They come in pretty handy on the road!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek and be sure to stay tuned for next month’s Pictures From The Passenger Seat.