Pictures from the Passenger Seat - December

Hubby and I love to take day trips around Texas. Sometimes we head out on our own (most times without a map!) and other times we hitch a ride with family members or friends. Recently, we hopped on board and joined hubby’s family for a trip to the Hill Country in Texas. Here are a few Texas treats for you:

Military-themed painting on building.

I love how they honor our military here.


Ranch entrance

Wow! This is spectacular close up.



Look who you can meet on the side of the road.


Wine tree

Hmm…wine grows on trees?! Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this! Seriously, this is a really cute idea.


Pumpkin artwork

A little Hill Country pumpkin art.


Robo Cowboy

This guy is over six feet tall and scary looking. Kudos to the artist. Amazing!


Metal sculpture

I think he’s a little rusty!


Longhorn steer

I can hear him saying the slogan, “Don’t mess with Texas!”


Traveling tip: Leave your debit and credit cards at home. There are too many ways for someone to capture your cards and drain your accounts. Instead, pick up a pre-loaded debit card (I get mine from our local credit union) and use that on your vacation. Just keep your receipts in an envelope and subtract from the balance as you go. Also, gift cards to certain theme parks for admission and restaurants are alternatives to having to carry your own cards or lots of cash.

I hoped you enjoyed a little slice of Texas with me. There’s always something new and fun to see in and around Austin. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Until next time, friends…