Change: Opportunity or Threat

whatdoeschangeDo you embrace change or hide under the covers and hope it rushes on by? I am a former member of the latter group. I used to hate change. Now I don’t. How did that “change” come about, you wonder?

First, let me explain the reason why I didn’t like change. It was because I wanted everything nice, neat, and tidy. Routine soothed me. No stress. No mess. Right? Wrong.

The more I resisted, (yes, resistance is futile!), the more anxious I became. You see, the world doesn’t care if you don’t want to move forward; it will happen without your permission. People come and go in your life, events change perceptions, and even you feel it and do something different or think differently about it.

A few years ago, it hit me. I was lagging behind. Technology, social media, and new gadgets abounded. I shunned them. Until I couldn’t. I had to adapt. I had to—gasp—change!

Making peace, I decided everything has a beginning, middle, and an end (thanks to the many writing craft books for pointing that out to me). Everything has a reason. Everything has a season. I’m not clued in to the reasons why or when things will alter on a dime. However, my acceptance to the fluidity of life itself has bought me a well of relief.

Now, I map out a framework of what I want to do for a period of time. (An aside here, it never, ever goes as planned!) But, I’ve built in the adjustment factor. I’m surprising myself at how well I can adapt at times and to the many opposing forces that come my way.

I take more risks. I accept things easier (most days). I understand how things can throw a wrench in plans at the last minute. Daily, sometimes hourly, I am more thankful for the wonderful surprises and gifts bestowed on me because I’ve learned to embrace change. My gratitude overflows and I am living a much happier life.

But, honestly, if I don’t have to change, I’m good with that, too.