Book Club: Secrets of The Heart

Secrets of the Heart by Laurie LeClair
  • Nick wants his family back. What do you think of how Nick tried to accomplish this?
  • Bree’s protecting a secret that could destroy her relationship with Nick. If you were Bree, would you have done the same thing? Why? Why not?
  • Nick and Bree care for each other. However, he knows she’s hiding something. What other ways could he have used to get Bree to tell the truth?
  • Layer by layer, the truth is revealed. In her way, Bree has tried to protect Nick from getting hurt by the secrets. Do you agree with how Bree slowly reveals each secret? Disagree? Why?
  • When Bree finally admits the truth, she feels the burden has lifted. Do you think secrets and the past are better kept hidden? Or tell all? Why? Why not?
  • Nick gives Bree a locket for a wedding gift. Why does he do that? What does he hope to accomplish?
  • Bree returns the locket Nick gave her. Why does she do that? What symbol of love matters to you?
  • When Nick is shattered by the truth, he turns to his faith for answers. Who do you turn to when your faith has been tested?
  • The theme for the series is sometimes you have to follow your heart instead of the rules. Do you agree? Why? Why not?