Book Club: Lies of the Heart

Lies of the Heart by Laurie LeClair
  • Their families are feuding. Tessa crosses the feud boundaries and walks into “enemy” territory to meet with Chance. What would you have done in her position?
  • Chance is torn between honoring his family and his unsettling feelings for Tessa. He puts his late grandfather’s wishes ahead of everything. How could he have handled the situation differently?
  • Tessa goes along with her grandmother’s decision regarding Chance. If you were Tessa, would you have done the same thing?
  • Chance provides a way for Tessa to follow her dream. Who in your life has supported you in following your dreams?
  • Tessa hides a secret from Chance. Do you think she should have told him from the very beginning? Why? Why not?
  • When Tessa discovers her grandmother hid the truth from her all these years, she must make a decision. Do you agree with her choice? Why? Why not?
  • Caught up in decades old lies, Tessa and Chance must choose either their loyalty to their families or start anew? What would you have done if you were faced with the same situation? Do the same? Do something different? If different, what would it be?