Book Club: Crimes of the Heart

Crimes of the Heart by Laurie LeClair
  • Devon storms in to town to get back everything his family lost. Is there another way he could have accomplished his goal?
  • Devon steps in to help Jewel. She doesn’t want his help. How could Devon have handled it differently?
  • Jewel holds onto a secret. Do you agree with Jewel’s decision to not tell Devon years ago? Why? Why not?
  • Devon always believed that he had to be somebody for others to listen to him. Is that true? What other ways could Devon have proven himself? To Jewel? To the townspeople?
  • Jewel stumbles upon an awful truth. Do you agree with her response? If you were Jewel, would you have done the same thing? Why? Why not?
  • Devon decides not to reveal the truth to the townspeople. Do you agree with him? Why? Why not?
  • How would things have been different if Devon and Jewel had stayed together years ago? Have you made choices in the past that you wish you could change?
  • Can you fall in love with someone all over again? Or does the feeling ever go away to begin with?