Crimes of the Heart

Crimes of the Heart by Laurie LeClair

Book 2: The Heart Romance Series

Crimes committed…

Forbidden affair…

A secret child…

As an illegitimate son of an accused embezzler, Devon Marshall wants revenge against the man who put his father in his grave. In the twelve years since he left his hometown and the woman he loved, Devon has gone from rags to riches. Now he wants to right some wrongs while clearing his father’s name. Jewel Wainwright, daughter of the man Devon vows to ruin, wants to be loved for who she is not what her sterling family name and reputation can do for a man.

Jewel Wainwright’s secret and her heart is threatened when Devon Marshall walks back into town. He intends to stay and prove his late father’s innocence. But can he uncover the truth about Jewel’s family and the crimes from the past without destroying the two of them and the love they once shared?

The Details

Publisher: Laurie LeClair
Published: January 2014