Book Club: Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law by Laurie LeClair
  • Murphy knows Echo wouldn’t ask if she didn’t need his help. But she’s keeping something from him. Do you agree with Echo hiding the truth from Murphy? Why? Why not?
  • Echo senses they are more than just acquaintances. That knowledge prompts her to change her mind. If you were Echo, would you have made the same choice? Why? Why not?
  • Caught up in the web of lies, Murphy finds himself faced with making on-the-spot decisions. Put in that position, what other decisions could Murphy have made?
  • Echo’s shocked at the things she’s done. Looking back, is there something you did in the past that you would like to “do over” and change the outcome?
  • Murphy reveals the secret hiding place to Echo. Now both of them are in danger. How else could Murphy have handled this?
  • How could Murphy have avoided the showdown in the end?