Book Club: Taming McGruff

Taming McGruff by Laurie LeClair
  • Priscilla wants to prove she’s worthy of the King name by putting her unique stamp on King’s Department Store. How have you had to prove yourself in work? In life?
  • Griffin wants revenge. He targets King’s Department Store to get to Priscilla’s mother. Do you agree with Griff’s plan of revenge? Why? Why not?
  • In her own way, Priscilla won’t stop until she succeeds. She backs Griff into a corner when she suggests, in front of her family, she could remodel his home using King’s merchandise. How could she have done this differently?
  • Priscilla is drawn to Griff. He pushes her away. She persists. He relents. When his secret plans go awry, he alters them by marrying her. Do you agree with Griff’s actions/methods? Why? Why not?
  • Griff blocks Priscilla’s mother’s number from her phone to protect Priscilla from the harassing calls. Do you think Griff was right in keeping the truth from Priscilla? What else could he have done?
  • Priscilla excels at designing Griff’s home and gains the desired respect from her sisters and co-workers. What other ways could she have proven herself? To her sisters?
  • Years ago, Griff gave up his father’s “tainted” name. Griff reveals he’s not who he says he is. Does a name define a person? Or limit them? What do you think?
  • Griff discovers love wins over revenge. Do you agree with the path Griff takes to right his wrongs? Why? Why not?
  • One of the themes of the series is everyone needs a place to belong and a family to belong to. What makes you feel like you belong? In life? In family?