Melting Her Heart

Melting Her Heart by Laurie LeClair

Book 11: Once Upon A Romance Series

Can he ever melt her frozen heart?

Ice sculptor Krystal Winters yearns to get her less than cooperative, younger sister through college. When Krystal takes on a high-paying gig for King’s Department Store to help pay for tuition, she has no idea her carefully carved out single life is about to shatter right before her very eyes.

Sexy firefighter Dante Powers—dumped by his longtime girlfriend—uses laser focus to concentrate on his career. His promotion is in sight. That is until he’s unexpectedly sidelined when he attempts to rescue Krystal’s falling ice sculpture at the party.

Now, Dante is broken and out of commission for six, long weeks. He’s already using precious energy dodging his matchmaking sister. It can only get worse if he doesn’t do something quick.

What’s a guy to do but enlist the aid of the woman who did this to him? If only his lie to convince Krystal to give him boyfriend lessons didn’t backfire on him…

Heat sparks. Attraction burns bright. But when Dante starts feeling a great deal more, can his attempts at melting Krystal’s frozen heart work?

The Details

Publisher: Laurie LeClair
Published: April 2017