Finding Mr. Just Right

Finding Mr. Just Right by Laurie LeClair

Book 7: Once Upon A Romance Series

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New romantic comedy in the bestselling Once Upon A Romance Series by Laurie LeClair.

With Mr. Wrong long gone and a sparkly ring from Mr. Right, Madison’s put her past behind her and her future looks bright. Or does it? She yearns to find her birth mother. However, Madison has two measly weeks to do so before returning home and officially announcing her engagement to her lawyer/wannabe politician fiancé. Keeping her wishes top secret on dredging up family skeletons is a must.

The only clue Madison has to her real mom directs her to King’s Department Store. Desperate, she applies for a coveted job at the famous store. Can things go more wrong when perfume is spilled on her vintage dress, she gets a bad case of the giggles during the interview, and the bosses turn her down flat? At wit’s end, Madison can’t imagine that her last chance could arrive in a white lab coat…

Dex, also known as King’s ‘mad scientist’ and the inventor of the perfume, is determined to snag the newly created director of product development position. But, when no one considers he’s more than a lab genius, he sets out to come up with the formula to prove them wrong. If only he hadn’t bumped into adorable, funny Madison. Now, she’s a heady distraction and jeopardizing his chances when red flags go up at King’s as the head honchos wonder what she’s really after.

The alliance Madison and Dex form leads to a chemical attraction they can’t deny. However, the more combustible they become the more in danger they are of losing everything they long for.

Can a ‘mad scientist’ get the awesome job and the dream girl? And as time runs out, will Madison finally find her birth mother while realizing that Mr. Just Right may be the perfect guy for this ‘Goldilocks’?

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The Details

Publisher: Laurie LeClair
Published: March 2015
ASIN: B00V48H65O