Baking from the Hart

Baking from the Hart by Laurie LeClair

Book 10: Once Upon A Romance Series

When bakery owner Gretchen Hart crosses paths with billionaire wine maker Noah Blackstock will it end up being a delectable treat or a recipe for disaster?

With sales plummeting and her business in jeopardy, bakery owner Gretchen Hart enters King’s Department Store Baking Contest in hopes of winning the ten-thousand-dollar grand prize. Her family’s livelihood is at risk; she’s desperate to help raise her niece. And what better way to infuse cash and buy new equipment for her place so she can stir up the gorgeous, pricey wedding cakes she dreams of creating, right? However, there’s plenty of lumps along the way to the finale, especially her distraction over a certain hottie disguised as her delivery guy…

Noah Blackstock, owner of the generations-old Blackstock Winery, longs to inject new life in the lackluster enterprise. Keeping a lid on his parents’ secret divorce, their constant bickering, and halting their invasion of the money coffers proves challenging, to say the least. And his meddling sisters wonder why he stays far away from the marriage trap!

He pairs up with King’s to spotlight his wine only to get roped into accepting a role in their new on-air contest. It’s pure torture for Noah when he comes face-to-face with the super sexy and sweet bakery shop contestant who he’d lied to in order to help her meet her delivery deadline. Much to his dismay, it’s not just her raspberry-filled, lemon cake with buttercream frosting he wants after all.
Discovering it’s a baking reality show, Gretchen’s dose of stage fright and her usual open-mouth-insert-foot disease jars her nerves while raising the stakes against her. Oh, yeah, and not to mention that a certain sizzling guy turns out to be one of the judges! In hot water doesn’t even come close to describing how her growing attraction is derailing her chances.

Now, with so much on the line, can their relationship stay under wraps? Or will Noah and Gretchen’s heated looks and stolen kisses flare out of control and put an end to all their hopes and dreams?

The Details

Published: August 2016