The Heart Remembers

The Heart Remembers by Laurie LeClair

Book 1: An Angel Mountain Novel

Bestselling author Laurie LeClair celebrates the holiday season with this heartwarming, memorable Christmas novel of romance, hope, and faith.

Can a man who’s lost everything he holds dear learn how to believe again?

Widower, Gabriel Angel has lost his ability to believe in the magic of Angel Mountain, the town his family founded. It’s ironic that his great uncle left Gabriel the Angel Christmas Tree Farm to run. He’s the last connection to the beloved Angel family and his place is where many hang their faith and hope on the angels who reportedly reside there and the nearby mountain. With the help of the townspeople, Gabriel grudgingly carries on with the business. His heart isn’t in the festivities or goodwill of the season until a little boy asks him if he’s an angel.

Nurse Holly Bennett, new to town, longs to make her son’s first holiday without his beloved grandpa as special as can be. She’s torn between halting his fascination with the folk lore and tall tales of Angel Mountain and keeping a little boy’s hope alive. How can she crush his growing fixation with Gabriel being an angel when she’s just as transfixed by the man with wounded eyes and a tortured soul?

As they grow closer, Gabriel is in danger of falling for Holly and caring for her son. When he pushes her away, Gabriel has no idea that a chain reaction is set in motion, triggering a whirlwind of emotions, a frantic search, and a life altering choice.

Can Gabriel and Holly come together to heal their broken pieces and help a child cope with real life? Or can a little boy’s undying faith in angels lead Gabriel to what the heart remembers?

The Details

Publisher: Laurie LeClair
Published: December 2014