Angel Mountain Series

A Very Charming Wedding Series

The Bounty Hunters Series

Murphy's Law by Laurie LeClair

Murphy's Law
Book 1

Riley Rules (The Bounty Hunters) by Laurie LeClair

Riley's Rules
Book 2

The McCall Brothers

Individual Titles

The Long Journey Home by Laurie LeClair

The Long Journey Home Contemporary Romance

WANTED: Fairy Godmother by Laurie LeClair

Wanted: Fairy Godmother Contemporary Romance

Runaway Wife by Laurie LeClair

Runaway Wife Contemporary Romance

Sweet Summertime by Laurie LeClair

Sweet Summertime Contemporary Romance

Once Upon A Romance

The Heart Romance Series

The Sweet Spot Series

Tempted By A Texan Series

The Callahans

Book 1

Book 2

Boxed Sets